Reviews for "Pixelville Pensioners"

kinda hard

like many of the early sierra rpgs somtimes I have trouble figuring things out like the green beaker hidden among the things Im afraid of

The game has a classic style I appreciate mabey not a favorite but at the very least its a goodie in the style of an oldie

gavD responds:

Yes, the pixel hunting thing really was a "feature" of old Sierra/LucasArts games. You can always hold down "tab" to see what you can interact with...

Great nostalgic game

I really liked this game as it w very relaxed and calming. It was also very heart warming to see a game that didn't have to resort to violence or obcenity reminding me of the golden days of gaming. Well done, an excellent game.

gavD responds:

Thankyou so much! Yes, I like to bring the positive vibe to games - it's a dark enough world without our entertainment being dark. Glad you like it!

Absolutely Brilliant!

Fairly challenging, but very fun. I had to go look in the reviews for the answers. You should include more hints on your site, i.e. who to give the money to(I couldn't find anywhere in the game it said that). I got it in (gasp) 61m 19s. But I think pretty good for a kid who has grown up playing games like Grand Theft Auto and Baldur's Gate.

gavD responds:

Nice one mate! Yeah, the cash thing requires a little logical thinking - I suppose it wouldn't be so obvious to a youngster... Nice one on sticking with it though!

Whoa, cooool

very cool game, havent played a point and click like this for a long time, enless Diablo2 counts. ALl I have to do is get more help if I can, I got optimus and Charley, cant get any more people though, and im done. Good job!

gavD responds:

Thanks for playing and thanks for the encouragements! Try talking to Chuckie again?

awesome game

I finished it in 24min. 39 sec. 1 or teh best games i ever played how much longer till the sequal.