Reviews for "Pixelville Pensioners"


You have truly created something awesome here. What more can I say? You have 8-bit graphics but still get a score of 10 on them, that's how good this is.

gavD responds:

Thankyou! I can see you're a conneisseur of the 8-bit vintage!


eh, pretty cool. i liked it. the only thing i didnt get was clicking on stuff and walk to and stuff. wait, oh i get it now! forget i sed that.

i vote 5

gavD responds:

OK, glad you got it sorted!

Great quest

I liked it very much although I was not really good at it

gavD responds:

Thanks Scarydoll,

There is a walkthrough buried somewhere on the BBS if you're still stuck!

I <3 it! ...... in 35 min. & 48 secs.

great game... I got a little lost with the whole donkey thing and then the drill =S who knew tp could help so much lol anyways can't wait until the sequel and next time I won't even cheat a little or take breaks in between ^-^

gavD responds:

Nice one Kitty_Goth! I'm working on several projects at the moment, and Pixelville 2 looks like being the second of those to come to fruition.

great game!!!

this is a great game the part with the donkeys was hard but i fanaly got it thanks to a little clue u gev in review my finithing time is 20MINS 37SECS. so great game, hope thers more games like this brain power. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

gavD responds:

Thanks ultramage! Check out the Monkey Island games - I think you'll like them!