Reviews for "Pixelville Pensioners"


Great work! This reminds me of Maniac Mansion so you get a 5!
It was pretty funny too!

gavD responds:

Ah, Maniac Mansion! A splendid game! I first played that on the Day of the Tentacle subgame... I couldn't do it back then, but I recently played it on ScummVM and beat it in 4 hours!


Nice game. I can't believe it took me 40 MINUTES AND 22 SECOND TO COMPLETE IT!! Wow, I'm so friggin slow. The game was awesome, thats why I kept going to complete it.

gavD responds:

I'm glad you kept at it! It's great to know that people are playing the game.

Awesome, but...

*growl* I can't find that stupid jar anywhere, not on a shelf or table or nothing!

Still, very well one of the best games I've played on NG.

gavD responds:

In the Professor's lab, I think it's on the second block of shelves... Try pressing "tab" a few times if you're still struggling. It's green.

Good luck, thanks for the review!


THIS GAME KICKS ASS. this is a great game and i love how you went for the old skool look, can't wait for P.P.2. tho i did find it a lil easy to beat, cuz i suck at these kinds of games and i beat it in 4m 4s, but still you gotta love it

this game ROX!

this game rocks
i just loved it! cant wait for pixelville pensioners ||

my time:
63m 32s pathethic i kno =P

gavD responds:

The sequel has been cancelled unfortunately - I'm concerned about image rights 'cos Sabreman is still ongoing IP.