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Reviews for "Pixelville Pensioners"

I don't review submissions that often anymore...

But damn that was fun. Now I havn't played the games this is based on (...or I don't remember playing them) but somehow it felt like I did. I think this deserves a higher score. I bet most people that voted lower on it did so because they lacked patience, or they're subborn about only caring about graphics. Anyway everyone thinks you should do a sequel. I say if you do a sequel, you might want to use different characters, and perhaps a different setting. Just to keep it fresh.

Rock on.

gavD responds:

Thanks for the review! Yeah, I knew when I was making the game that some people would find the graphics an instant turn-off, but that means that the people who like it - REALLY like it! Always best to divide an audience!

OMG !!! Speccy 128k....and the one's before that

Dizzy, Jetpack, Skool Daze, the ones I forgot about, the lot !!

Thank you for bringing back some old memories - shit, I'm starting to feel like a right old bastard !!


gavD responds:

If it makes you feel any better, you're a year younger than me! Creeeeaakk ooh was that my hip?


What a lurvely little game Mr.Person :)
DUNEMASTER can you please bring a little extra cash to my chamber tonight as I need to buy a new bullwhip :P
I'm too young to be remembering those styles of games but you guys are making them sound so fun -Sniff- Ah well theres always my nice ps2 eh? :)

gavD responds:

In that case, get yo'delf a copy of ScummVM and try these classics:
1. Monkey Island 1&2 - best ever!
2. Police Quest
3. Day of the Tentacle

You'll be glad you did!

Not bad, you should check it out.

This game is pretty fun.

gavD responds:


Just Amazing!

Good Job!!! ^^

gavD responds:

Thankyou! \m/(>,<)\m/