Reviews for "Pixelville Pensioners"

link doesnt work

mmmm... im stuck :P I suck at this


I wasn't born in the time of the 8 bit nes and atari but enoy seeing these types of games on NG they rule i lok 4ward to seeing a sequel to ur work I just love this game ive played it 3 times already but my firt time was 42 min =( nyways its an incredibly addictive game keep up the good work!

gavD responds:

Glad you liked it!

If you like this, try Simon the Sorceror or Monkey Island

Great Game!

I really liked this game. It kept me occupied for a good 51 Mins and 47 Seconds! The graphics and everything were great. I gave the sound a 7 because the music got very repetitive, but besides that the music was pretty good. Anyways, I can't wait for the sequel. Keep up the excellent work!

gavD responds:

The music uses quite short loops from Samba Lucas

Holy hell!!!

Holy hell, this kept me occupied for *sighs* 63 minutes (i suck, heh) without me even realising! I cant wait for a sequal if there is gunna bew one!

Yeah, i kinda got stuck at one point and sort of used revies, but only in that i looked and decided to stop reading before it spoilt the game! Heheh!

Yeah, it was IMMENSE!!!!
u get 5/5 from me, and i think i will give u 9/10 (i dunno, 10/10 always seems so sichofantic to me!)

Hope to see more from ya soon!

Gothic Vampyr!

gavD responds:

Nice one Gothic Vampyr!

There will definitely be a sequel but I am working on so many projects that it might not be any time soon!

17mins 6s (I suxorz)

Graphics : 10 (WTF ? lolll)
Style : 8 (just love these adventure games)
Sound : 10 (didn't put the sound on, so I'll vote nicely)
Violence : 0 (hey, you made me do this ^^)
Interactivity : 10 (ROFL ! The most interactive and entertaining game ever !!!)
Humor : 10 (Excellent humor)
Overall : 10 (out of ten, of course ;-) )

gavD responds:

Thank you, I'm glad you enoyed my piece of 8-bit nostalgia!

Sequel update - it's still on the back burner I'm afraid. Hopefully it will be finished one day but I have many other projects on the go at the moment.