Reviews for "Pixelville Pensioners"

it was pretty good

it was ok but it is hard hard hard hard.
ps: it was hard

come on help me!

where is the jar?!!! i need to know to continue!!!

gavD responds:

on the shelf in the professor's lab


May not be a personal fan of these type of games, but I'd definitely give this a good rating.

(Ahem) not to mention I did it in 4m40s, would have been faster but it took me awhile to find the jar.


THIS GAME KICKS ASS. this is a great game and i love how you went for the old skool look, can't wait for P.P.2. tho i did find it a lil easy to beat, cuz i suck at these kinds of games and i beat it in 4m 4s, but still you gotta love it

Ahh, the good old days

I almost teared up, seeing all my favorite sprites. Well, maybe it wasn't that powerful, but it was still a good throwback to the olden days.