Reviews for "Nobodies Shorts #1"


HAHAHHA! Ive been waiting for this for a long time. TN is one of my favorite series on NG. Im hella digging these. It sucks that chris and ben are leaving TN. are you still going to make more long ones? Please do. oh and some suggestions, I like the new character design and stuff...but since the new TN started everyones personalty kinda changed. Like david is more dumbass than asshole now. Im sitting on lava? iono not very funny. just not the same. And eric seems less jewish. just try to bring back the characters traits. This one was pretty good with the personalitys. anyways please keep up the good work and i hope to see a TN episode 3.

oh and a good jew joke every now and then would be nice ;)


ok, the part of u leaving, well, dont, ^_^, um, also, ive seen the dudes in another 1, were the guys hand is on fire, and the house burns down, and yeah, it was hilarious, and that crippled, ^_^, that makes my day, keep makeing good animations, i shall go 2 ur website, and check out whats there, good!!!!


I love all of your flash animations from this series.

Keep it up!!


waaaaaa hahahahaha you rule i love your falshes . they always make me laughe

retards :)

That almost happened at our school pool becuase of this one person who shall remain nameless...
But why the fuck did ben and chris leave and how will the serise go on without them if this is even slightly true?