Reviews for "Nobodies Shorts #1"


HAHAHa this really made me laugh. I never see any of these flashes before but still I found it great.

Ben and Chris Dunno what they have done...

Way to go you guys, shame about them leaving.. But you guys will own with what you can do on your own.. Good work..


it was good and funny but was realy short. yous wernt just having it shorter than TN you just just made it short. well its was good but would have liked it about twice the time.

How can ben leave he was a huge part of TN Chris is great and all but he is only in most eps for 5 seconds but still two people that make up TN gone.
i cant get TN site since i imagine theres alot of traffic trying to find out the news so i would help if you could post it on newgrounds.

but its was a good short.


Great. Basically just kickass all around. Decent drawings, great style, sound, and bea-fucking-utiful jokes. Especially the wheel-chair bit. Friggin classic..

I want a series.

he deserved it

LMFAO!! the kid deserved to be pushed in the pool...just look at him... flaunting his high-tech chair...