Reviews for "Nobodies Shorts #1"

Fuckin' great

I don't know how if a character in a movie is an asshole it's a bad movie. Movies about idiotic assholes are the funniest type.


I hardly ever laugh at anything, but this was really funny.

Great graphics, sound, plot, and overall creativity and style. There's nothing you really need to improve... besides team spirit.

Funny As Hell...

I Love Tommorows Nobodies, sucks that Ben and Chris Left, Theses guys remind me of me and my friends, but u guys still got me as a life-time fan, David and Eric were always the funniest duo out of the group and Ben had his moments and Chris...Playing all the time


The little things like showing the kid slowly fading away to the bottom of the pool are probably one of main reasons your series has been so popluar. Visual sight gags that just make you crack up everytime you think of them, along with great quips make the whole production quite great.

The revamping of the character designs was more than welcomed, each character looks 10 times more realistic. The voices have stayed the same, but they sound for the most part crisp and stable, so it is a good thing. Nice use of music especially during the title sequence.

With ben and Chris gone, will you have two new Nobodies, or just center it on your two main characters? How is the television pilot coming along? Good luck.



waaaaaa hahahahaha you rule i love your falshes . they always make me laughe