Reviews for "Nobodies Shorts #1"


It can't be true! It simply can't be true!

do my eyes deceive me!?

tomorrow nobodies spliting up say it isn't so!

I just visited your site!!!

Omg! wats his name is leaving so no more tn? Or will u just do nobodys shorts instead! i think i just crapped myself!!! ( i think i just gave this same review to tn epesode 2... wow, im uncreative...) Great falsh though make some ma!

Love these

Keep'em comin!

Not very intelligent reviews...

I'm looking through the reviews and I see people saying "OMG OMG OMG si great make em longar!" It's the first episode of the Nobies SHORTS series. They are SHORT and take less time to animate so that during the making of the larger toons, we know that they're still alive.

And to the idiot who gave this a 0 for spelling Nobody's as Nobodies, it's a pun. The intro (which was hilarious) was designes to inform people that they were watching the "Nobodies Shorts" series, not only saying that those shorts belonged to nobody.