Reviews for "Nobodies Shorts #1"

Well, now there is only one thing i can do....


man u rock

hay my name is anthony and all i like to say is that u rock the animations are good also what happend to chris & ben i see thay have left well me and my friend can stand in there place for a littel while if u want us to just send a email 2 at ehitrnightcrew@hotmail and can u also send me the tune of the nobody shorts theam. thank u and in the email dont put spaces plz add the ./c/o/m

retards :)

That almost happened at our school pool becuase of this one person who shall remain nameless...
But why the fuck did ben and chris leave and how will the serise go on without them if this is even slightly true?

he deserved it

LMFAO!! the kid deserved to be pushed in the pool...just look at him... flaunting his high-tech chair...

it cant be

WHAT??????? Chris was starting to have more of a purpose, and i liked him beating yall up :p, and i liked ben a lot too, but eric seems to b the best, neways what happened to make them leave?