Reviews for "Ben Tentacle"

my type of humour

mamasota que bien te bes went XD

Please Make The next bit to this, Im drooling in intisipation too what happens next.

Will she be just planly fucke by ben, or wi he go all out & slither in he body threw her cunt & fuck evry opening she has from the inside out.

Id pay to see that. ( drool 8P... )

TheShadling responds:

And I would accept money to draw that.

You ass fo' it! Gwen's gonna change her sexy school clothin' for short firmful skirt without this panties as she TAKE OFF HER PANTIES!!!

u know this is the kind of situation where the guy shud be like FUCK SAVING THE WORLD, FUCK THIS JOB, IM GOING TO FUCK YOU!!!!!