Reviews for "Warrior Boarder"

one line summary

Nice to see some frame by frame, and also nice to see a skate flash on the front page. I know how much work must have gone into this. However, not one of those tricks was slightly realistic. At one point, he is grinding, and his feet are underneath the skateboard. He also land primo on lots of tricks. Do you actually skateboard, or are you animating something you clearly know nothing about?


Dude this is the crapiest skate flash ever

dude, get of your Tony Hawk playing ass, get on a real board, and learn what skateboarding is about. and if you didnt intend for this flash to be "acurate" or whatnot, than dont submit it. backflips off flat to 360 shuv? as if that wasnt bad enough, than u have him "grind" an airplane. jeez, this crap gives skateboarding a bad name. stick to your nerdy legend of zelda or whatnot cause skateboarding definetely isnt your department.