Reviews for "Warrior Boarder"

it was ok i guese

it was ok but not as great as i thought it would be


Wait...Was that?.......Yea....

A complete waste of my fucking time.


Ok it was ok and an interesting idea. Just a few things I would like to point out:
1 The Physics of it was a little off. Sure if he is a super hero he would make a 5000ft drop and live but his board would get destroyed. Also, you must not skateboard because some of the tricks you have the guy do are not possible. Stuff like a flat land backflip while in a fakie position.
2 You could have clean the graphics up a bit more. Kind of smooth it out. Though the graphics were good, it could have been better.
3 Good choice in music. I thought it was great music for a super hero theme.
4 It would have been nice if people talked saying like "thank you ......" and stuff like that.
5 Just a thought but it would have been great (maybe in a bonus video) have like a demo for the guy. Just skating around and stuff. Nothing important to the story.
6 Some of the tricks were not preformed the way (in the real world) they were suppost to. Thought it is a cartoon, and a good one at that, you should check out some skate demos to see how they are done in reality to give your cartoon a releastic but fantasy kinda fell.

I think the movie was pretty good still could have been better. I do like this one better than the other Zelda ones you did. Keep up with the great work



i love skate boarding. And no ofence but the skating sucked impossible trix slam dunk?
also the skateing sounds sucks and u cant gring a building!
Ps: enjoi your day
-randomskaterkid in mass

tony hawk pro skater meets the matrix

like totally says it in the summary