Reviews for "Warrior Boarder"


The next time someone makes a crappy skate movie and asks how making it should be done, I'll direct them to this one. This is THE best skateboarding movie I've ever seen, packed with great graphics, smooth animation, outstanding action, and even some humor here and there. Skateboarding movies don't get much better than this.

In all, great job on this movie, and keep up the outstanding work!


This looked like it was going to be rubbish but omg its amazingly amazing will you make more???


That was brillient! I was lauphing through out the whole thing. Great idea. I espescially liked the music. James logan high school in california is doing that song as a field show for there marching band. its badass. anyways some parts were kind of choppy but I got better in the end. (looks like you improved during the making of this one) keep at it man.

From Yoda

I read the reviews and...EVERY ONE of the guys who put a very bad score or a zero hates skateboarding except that guy who i think is a cop ^^.They didn't even start thinking on how long and hard this was to make.Well , just trying to prevent any useless postings in the future so...If you are gonna blam something give a freaking legitimate reason! Otherwise you're abusing the site you retards!


What an amazing work of flash. I haven't seen a skateboard movie as good as that in a while. Keep up the good work champ!