Reviews for "Warrior Boarder"


good concept shame u ant got a clue how to draw people skating


This would make an awsome comic book. I never thought something like this could be done without it looking foolish. Yet, by keeping it fast paced and honest, warrior boarder seems like an honest to goodness hero. Not just a punk like a lot of boarders i know. We need more heros. Keep up the great work!


im very impressed. i dont think ive seen better skateboarding tricks performed on a flash video ever! great job. cant wait to see more.


THAT ROX!!!!! this is just plain sa-weet. good job.

The Review

Well I likedd the action and will now watch the sequel and review that too I enjoyed the whole cop scene bbecause I hate fat cops.

P.S.- What Brand would he skate for?

For Duty and Insanity,
The Phantom Reviewer