Reviews for "Warrior Boarder"

What the?

OMFG! Are you insane, dude? Falling from buildings, flying as high as a plane, spinning like a monkey over a skate?? That was the most farfetched thing I have ever seen!! And you know what's worse? The cop... a big fat cop chasing a man on a skate who seems to be more like Neo from Matrix... I don't think so... I can't believe the cop would ever reach Neo, I mean, the skater...

Oh well... putting this all together, what can I say? Just that this was very funny! I liked it. Really! Graphics are kinda simple, but style is what counts, eh?

Oh... special remark: very nice soundtrack!


The next time someone makes a crappy skate movie and asks how making it should be done, I'll direct them to this one. This is THE best skateboarding movie I've ever seen, packed with great graphics, smooth animation, outstanding action, and even some humor here and there. Skateboarding movies don't get much better than this.

In all, great job on this movie, and keep up the outstanding work!


1 guaranteed Protection point today! After gettig over 10 blam points, I finally get something better! Well done!

awsome dude

this is like the coolest flash ive seen all week! all the outrageous stuff the skater dude did was hilarious. lol , i hope this makes front page, unlike that 'newbs' s#it which did not deserve front page.

im impressed

this was incredibly unbelievable and therefore a high class movie.
really enjoyed viewing it, i liked those damn high jumps. kick ass.