Reviews for "Warrior Boarder"

Very very nice.

Wow.That was amazing.How long did it take yo to make it?

o.k,,,what ever

1. it dosent look like he flips board
2. lip stick goes of his face and into the air
4.worst than most other skate flashes
5.how did you ever make front page?


I got taken off the front page in less than 5 hours for this newly submitted piece of crap? The flash library sounds are horrible.. and this was way too sketchy.

Well, It was like spiderman, but different.

I liked it, and LOVED the cop insult (somebody needs to learn how to take a joke [I'm talking to you Tantrum33]). The part with the air balloon was the best.

It was good......

until you put in the insult about police officers. Smart move, next time your in serious trouble I hope one of the officers going to save you catches traffic on the way there.....