Reviews for "Warrior Boarder"

Original and Stunning

That's pretty original. That makes Bart Simpson look like a joke. Some of his antics were pretty corny (like the one going down that line using that skateboard)

I look forward to seeing that guy going through fast-paced action scenes.

If you added some more details on the graphics that would have been great.

it was ok

hahahaha i know what you think about all day =) well anyway good concept but it kinda got....wierder as it went on i'm not dissing it its really good i like it but.....umm yea.... o.o....wierd

The origional that started it all....

I remember this one! It was released a while back, when I first became a member. It evoked a sense of awe. I will always love this flash!

happy clouds

I liked it. The music was all dramatic-like. It was pretty good.

i give this a ten

i liked the skating moves altough they where really bad make them a little better but still a ten