Reviews for "Warrior Boarder"

I am generous on the overall

First, I don't like heroes. Second, I don't like skate. Third, almost all you fucking tunes were from Spiderman. BIG PIECE OF SHIT!!!


look dude that was the coolest skating movie ive seen anywhere. i really liked the spiderman style u used. damn its extremely good. plz keep up the good work


The concept seemed stupid, and I was ready to dismiss this as a piece of crap. But it was actually good. Really good. The stunts were great and it moved along really fast.

On a scale of 1 to Awesome, I give it Kickassedly good.

not bad

the grind on the plane was a very good idea =)
Maybe u could work more on the graphics :/

The Numbers above don't say alot.

But this piece summed my every day life into 3 minutes of flash... =P Very well done I give you a 5 man keep the good work... work on some voices while your at it...