Reviews for "Warrior Boarder"

freakin' awesome

that was so freakin' awesome I loved it. the part where he slam duncks the bascketball made me laugh so much, and the part with the cop, make more like this one it was awesome!

Brillant if i may so so myself

LOVED it, i have to see more of your work, good job, great animation skills

great silly little movie

I thought the best part was the silly funny style. the character, was playing it compleatly cool as he does all this funny rediculous stuff, the waekest part was the animation, you should draw all your frames with no clothes on, and then go and the clothes later, this forces you to be more acurate.


That was brillient! I was lauphing through out the whole thing. Great idea. I espescially liked the music. James logan high school in california is doing that song as a field show for there marching band. its badass. anyways some parts were kind of choppy but I got better in the end. (looks like you improved during the making of this one) keep at it man.


That was sooooooooooo cool.Make more action/x-sports flicks