Reviews for "Warrior Boarder"

Damn that was good

Holy fuck that was cool I'm surprised I thought it was going to be filled with Blink 182 and Bam so I was happy to see it was nothing but music and cool moves keep it up and make a series. He needs some super foes.


Can't skateboard on rock, like you can really jump 300 feet off of a half pipe,OH YES OH YES U CAN REALLY JUMP 800 FEET OFF A BUILDING AND LAND ON YOUR FEET RIGHT?Mmhmm..600 feet in the air and you land on a building...can't do a backflip on a skateboard...extremely UNREALISTIC...i bet all the people who gave this a 7+ are 10 year olds...and tell me..why the hell would a kid save people on a skateboard..last but not least..you make all *cool to you* characters like link in heroic rage and this dude..like in zeldas heroic rage when you make him kill all them goblins..STUPID...you just make a like i said, cool to YOU, character, add some music, and hope for some good reviews..

Good job...

....I really enjoyed your flash, it seems like you' ve been improving in your style of flow. I would say that it was a little unrealistic, but I do that 4 a mornimg work out...lol..i wish. Anyways keep up the good work I no how hard flash is to work with so your doin awsome.

P.S. Oh and to stickdude111 piss off asshole, why don t you try n make a flash before you bad mouth an animator. Fuck I hate people with no talent who bad mouth other people, YOU SUCK!!!


cool, submission, the animation was very decent, and I liked the extreme hero kinda theme, nice and overdone :)

this was...ok

why did all the girls have ponytails? were you too lazy to make different hairstyles? it was cool but...you didnt work as much as alot of the other people do on these pointless yet entertaining peices of artwork.
(basically its ok but...you suck!)