Reviews for "Warrior Boarder"

Warrior Boarder is the best.

I easily got tired of this movie after seeing it a few times and after seeing your other Warrior Boarder movies but this movie is AWESOME. I still prefer Warrior Boarder more like a hero instead of making tricks all the times like he mostly do in this movie. Therefore, I think that Warrior Boarder 2 and 3 is a lot better, especially 3. He's doing more tricks in this movie but in the others he is more wild and crazy. That makes me like him more. The first time I saw this movie it was awesome. Warrior Boarder is awesome himself. I'd like to see more movies of him. Oh yeah, of all the movie's I've seen of other movie makers you are one of the best SolidSacketh. Keep up the good work.

hes neo on 4 wheels

pretty good

i wish he pushed mongo like me =(

great flash, the graphics werent bad but it was how u shot the camery angles or how he did the tricks, i just dont know how to sescribe it

Not bad, just those graphics could be better

Graphics are pretty good, bout not a bit realistic!:( The idea is realy great but this blams the movie. Keep trying and someday it'll be a really great movie!

This was the first skate movie i wached..

About a year ago. It's great, so is number 2, keep up the good work!