Reviews for "Warrior Boarder"


are all those tricks physically even possible ?!?
nice work though ;)

Wow, that took some time to do...

I had to give it a 5. Seriously, watch this and you can tell this dude put a lot of effort into it. I can see where a story may be cool but even without one kudos man. Kind of makes me want to go out and skate :).

that was great

except that skateboard dudes kinda mean and should be put in the electric chair for what he did i mean he stole dudes doughnut and
then killed the dude


dude that sk8ter rocked man good job make a nuther with more of a story line to it like about his pasted or something good job man

Wow. Sure is origanal for a skateboard Flash.

Most vids about skateboard flash are usually just simple ordinary tricks and what not. The rescues weren't too great, but the kicks, flips, and jumps were awesome. First time I have ever watched a new skateboard flash and actually haven't seen it before.

Nice moves.