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Reviews for "Piano Collab in A Minor =HFX="

Great piano solo.

For it's short length, it is great how you've managed to capture the feeling of 'the thought forward, with loving memories'.

I very much like this piece. It's beautifully composed and made.

One point that doesn't fit in the song is the loud low notes. They overpower the otherwise soft, relaxing song. I suggest you lower the volume on them, slightly. Since they do help with the progression of the song itself. :)

Overall, very good song. I enjoyed listening to it!


Kind regards,
~ La_Yinn, --'


sounds pretty cool. a bit nastolgic, and reflective. nice peice, i'll give you a ten because you deserve it.


It's a good piano piece. I think you shouldn't have played so loudly in the middle.

Also, you should try working on a solid memorable melody, especially in a piano ballad.

It's a shame midi pianos don't capture the dynamics and tones that you can get out of a real piano, im sure it would have sounded alot nicer.

Quite good I shall say!

Some pretty good ideas swirling around there...

The melody is pretty unique, and memorable, and that's always a good thing. And the piece on the whole is enjoyable, but if anything a little repetitive... perhaps on the 2nd to last time through you could change the melody a little more?

Also, I have to agree with some of the reviews below me... At 0:14 the Bass comes way up, while the rest of the piano stays down in volume. It's not too distracting or anything but this could have been a pretty good climax if you crescendoed into it with the piano as a whole. The melding between the hands you mentioned could be a really good idea, just if they both eased into the dynamic levels.

Good job on the whole though! :)

Sounds a little familiar..

Very pretty beginning. Lol, also didn't realize once it had ended.
The parts the lower keys play loudly are a bit too loud(0:15), much compared to the chords and melody..it's a little disproportioned, since the other keys don't seem to be raised at all, which makes them seem repetitive. However, after the sudden overloudness, it makes a smooth entry into the normal volume, or at least the arps seem to do fill the would-be gap between loud and unloud..:P
What I think was well established in this piece is its own pattern. It's very organized and very unmessy, making it seem very clean and orderly, composition-wise.
Lovely to-be addition to our collab, though it's kinda 2x the limit..:P
Good thing a 2nd should be coming..I would love to see this put in :)