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Reviews for "Magnificent Earth"

but he didnt finishe his cigarette! haha.

so, the moral is: dont litter, and dont buy things that contain packaging, right? eh, simple enough.
a pretty cool little flash movie, even though some ass-hat is bound to tell you off for being a hippy :|
bleh, the graphics were nice, the animation was really cool, and the movie had a decent stry line and moral, which is hard to come by around here.

ahh donnie darko music

beautiful and that wins it for me, the music alone.

BigRed responds:

Damnt... I knew I shouldn't have spent time animating it....

Interesting message

Nice job on the graphics, and the animation was pretty smooth as well. Length could have been a bit longer, but nonetheless, you got the message through, and it was a very good one. Yeah, I guess we all could clean up our act around here quite a bit.

I highly recommend listening to Filter's song entitled "Cancer" if you're into doing Flash like this. I'd have to say that if you plan on making another environmentally conscious Flash, it would a great song to use for background music. But that's up to you.

In all, keep up the great work.

BigRed responds:

Filter is good :D

Although I have too much on my plate at this very second to start another environmental animation, more shall be produced :)

Great message

It's nice to see something Pro-Earth on NG, i never thought i would see the day. This was nicely done: pretty good animation, good choice of music (alot of Donnie Darko on NG lately...), and you presented an old arguement in a somewhat new way. Keep fighting the good fight.

Just an aside: i never knew a banana peel was capable of flipping a car. behold the power of cartoons!

BigRed responds:

Banana peels are capable of alot more than you think they are...


but how

did the car slip on the banana? my mind is blown.

BigRed responds:

I dunno, you tell me.