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Reviews for "Magnificent Earth"


it make's people thinking for the future, GOOD JOB
Have a nice day!

BigRed responds:

Job? Dude, I'm a earth loving hippy, don't mention that word around me. ;)


GREAT man! Fabulous.

BigRed responds:

You have hairy legs don't you.


Not bad

A good animation with a message. Was the music from Donnie Darko?

BigRed responds:

Nope, it was from The Muppets christmas cd I think. :D

Very nice meaning

I like the animation...very smooth. The morale was great...very true. The banana peel....eh, could happen MAYBE...but kinda funnyish. Great job altogether.

BigRed responds:

I eat meanings for breakfast.

Can't help but like it

Animation was very well done and had a meaningful message. The car slipping on a banana peel was kind of hard to believe and as Bowser said, you can't go wrong with Donnie Darko music.

BigRed responds:

I'd like to see you prove that cars cannot slip on banana peels...

Psshaw, silly non-believers.