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Reviews for "Magnificent Earth"


I love flashs like this where there is real meaning and a real point. I thank you for making this.

One little side not though... the apple core would not be considered as litter (infact you could throw one right on the ground infront of any type of law enforcement and they wouldn't be able to do anything) As its natrual and doesn't hurt anything and it would just quickly decay and all the good stuff returns to the earth. Its natures way of recycling. Infact its much better to do that than to throw it in the trash where it will just decay in a garbage dump.

BigRed responds:

Yeah, that was lazy me ignorantly filling space :P

that was very good

it was a very good flash and was a real thing.
i salute you

BigRed responds:

It's awesome, because I was just about to rock.



jeez thats already happening everywhere but good job

BigRed responds:

Ignorance killed the oblivious world.


Good message. I liked it. If you had more time, a shot of the earth from space or something would have been nice, but it is still a good piece without it. I especially liked the "Artificially Enhanced ->Fruit<-" in the thin, rectangular box.

Overall it was pretty good. It would be nice to see in pale tints/washed out colours or black and white.


BigRed responds:

Yeah, I had something like those ideas in mind, just never got around to throwing it in. Actually, I had quite a few minute details/shots I planned to throw in, but at 3:30 A.M. the day before the deadline, I just said screw it, elongated some shots, and called it done :P

I do need to play around with different colour tones more though, as it was kinda the same the whole time.

well i guess its ok

i heard no other sound other then this... short you say???
music was clear your style is fresh and you have a great potential hope to see some new works coming