Reviews for "Bitch-Slap Bush v2"

I liked Spank the Monkey better.

It wasn't very good. Spank the Monkey was better because it was original.


PS The author says that Bush supporters should find this humorous because "it's like when a friend falls down the stairs!!!", but it's more like pushing your friends down the stairs. Maybe if I tried it, I'd change my opinion.

greeneggs4spam responds:

I know I'd be laughing if i pushed my friend down the stairs.


Really funny game. Wish I could hit him in reality. I love slapping his head off.

LOL, I love that song!!!!!!!!! what's it called?

Awesome, it coulda been Kerry and it still woulda been just as funny, or someone who wasn't even in the race.

Lmfao, I love bitchslapping him

Quite nice how his head pops off if you slap him above 150 m/ph :D, I can see the fun of it.

yeah yeah!

I slaped his head off!