Reviews for "Bitch-Slap Bush v2"


A good stress reliever! Great work!
*Wonders where Slap the Monkey went to*


I got my comp so laggy that i got it to almost 10,000 MPH


II hit him at 1341 mph's =D fun stuff here...fun stuff... keep up the good work!

Haha stupid fuck deserved it

If only this were real! I would bitch slap him but he lives far away and has 10000000000000000 body guards so.... I wouldnt advise doing it and thats why this game is so great. the only problem is that when I look at the top slappers It's blank. OTHER THEN THAT PERFECT!! please for the love of god make one where u can bitch-slap vanilla ice I know that was randomn but I hate HIM! perfect game!
make more!


it's sad that's it's so funny...but bush is a dick wad