Reviews for "Bill the Robot"

Very Original.

Its kind of like an rpg mixed with puzzle/strategy. Very original, and very addictive! Only problem is when I put in a command I couldnt take it back out. Change that and the game is perfect.

Awesome game!

Wow, this was great fun. Admittedly it was a little slow and so I quit after level 9, but still was a very good time. Definitely deserves a better score, this looked hard to program. Gratz!

In regards to last review.

LEVEL SIX IS POSSIBLE. The game was easy but enjoyable.


this submision reminds me of several things

- Functions in AS
- The boardgame Roborally (very very very addicting and amuzing)
- a small game i used to play simulair to this for educational reasons (dont ask me why :P)

very nice, although graphics could have been better still ill give you a 10 and all my 5 R belong to this

A really good game...

Really good, but Level 6 is impossible!