Reviews for "Black Cat Ops"

Last level is insane my hand got tired from clickn

I was clicking too fast > <. Good game man the win music is great!

BrianSexton responds:

Heh heh; yeah, that last level is challenging, but here is a tip for you: concentrate on the end boss. If you destroy every other enemy but that one, a bunch of new enemies will respawn anyway (forever, even if you clear them all out a thousand times), so take out the boss first then clear out the last of its minions.

I am glad you liked the game and its music and so too may be the musicians who provided the music via the Newgrounds audio portal.

Very nice :D!

I played this game till the end and I really enjoyed it!
Great choice of music too, lol..
Thanks for using my song!


BrianSexton responds:

That is great; I am especially glad that you enjoyed it. Thank you for providing the great background music!

Pretty good!

Smooth gameplay,original idea,good graphics and i really liked the music too!Is there any way you can loose in this?You should have made the "enemies" be able to eat your soul if you take too long to kill them or something,keep up the great work!


BrianSexton responds:

I am glad you liked it. I wish more people were so accepting of challenging games.

I did originally plan to allow enemy characters to attack, but I postponed that design to get this version out. Instead of taking physical damage, I made the challenge in this version clearing out each level with enemy reinforcements coming in every few seconds.

It was alright.

It wasn't too bad, for a first completed flash game. So you have tried to make others eh? The adventure/shooting components might of made it funner since the game-play eventually felpt pretty repetitive. The song was kind of cool, and it fit with it.

BrianSexton responds:

I have others that are not yet finished. I may yet add more to this one.

As far as the game feeling repetitive, that is surprising since there is something new on every level--either a type of enemy character, the particular mixes of initial enemy characters and their reinforcements, and even a power-up. Also, enemy character movement is largely random, so you cannot count on them appearing or moving in particular patterns. What would have made the game less repetetive for you?

Nice, but...

The game got a little on the boring side when the bottles came out. It took way too long to do the second level and I was scared how long the third was going to be. Though I gave you a 4, I must admit most of it was because you put alot of work into it and it came out good.

BrianSexton responds:

I have made an adjustment to the enemies; you might find things a bit more manageable now that enemies do not go so far off screen.