Reviews for "Black Cat Ops"

some good some bad

interesting for a game. at least for awhile then I just got fed up. too much damn clicking. The first couple levels were all I did before closing the game. Just got repetitive after a bit. Music was nice and clear and it was good to waste some time

BrianSexton responds:

I was thinking about adding different difficulty levels to prevent gamers such as yourself from becoming "fed up" with all of the hectic action. The waves of enemy reinforcements seems to be too much for some people.

eh... Seems rushed

black cat ops in the beginning is spelled bl4ck cat ops, and the backrounds were real images, buyt the baddys were just drawn floating around and u scratch.. can u die? or what? I say its just too repetitive, but, since its a nice concept, I kinda liked it. Needs work though ;P


BrianSexton responds:

Yeah, it was a bit rushed; I dropped the adventure component completely as well as the health system because I wanted to release something for Halloween and as it is, I missed Halloween by a few hours because I encountered some odd imported graphic corruption errors and I ended up rewriting the enemy movement code to make it more random and interesting.

No, you cannot die in this version; your greatest enemy is the clock because the longer you take to clear the level, the more enemies you have to face. I may finish the health system in a future version or a sequel, though (probably with a modified reinforcement system and difficulty levels to prevent people from misunderstanding what is going on or feeling overwhelmed). Actually, here is an interesting fact for you: the bad ending screen--for dying--is still in the game, but it never plays because I opted for the time challenge instead of the health challenge for this version.

I think the "bl4ck cat ops" you refer to in the beginning is actually a graphic glitch in my preloader; the bitmap is slightly distorted, but I do not know why that is happening (smoothing is not allowed for that image).

Thank you for the feedback and the kind words.

It's a good game,
graphics and the animations are good,
the sound and the music too.

BrianSexton responds:

Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed it.

I sucked at it

I kept trying to kill em before they got to far in and kept clicking on another window behind the game >.<

anyway tho nice lil game kinda enertaining might need to retry and see how i can do when I am not juts waking up or trying to be quick and kill em before even they are on screne >.>

keep up the work man

BrianSexton responds:

Yes, that is unfortunately the danger of playing fast-action mouse-controlled games in a window; I have had the same thing happen to me.

If you like, I could make the game available for download so you could play it full-screen. Scaling is currently disabled to keep the performance reasonable, but at least you would not have to worry about clicking on other windows. I was planning to make scaling an option for local gaming (not via the Web), so I might do so to let you play the game the way you want to play it.


omg ur profile is funny

BrianSexton responds:

Good humor is the spice of life--or is that fennel seed? Actually, there are a lot of spices of life, but good humor might be the spice of ramen; it is sometimes difficult to keep track of these things.