Reviews for "Black Cat Ops"

One of the worst games I've EVER played.

Very poorly done.... could have been done A LOT better... was like it was thrown together and called a game.
No point to this game... Clicking everything was incredibly repetitive.the same bottles and ghosts through out each level was boring. Brian have you tried this game yourself... is it what you would call fun?
Sorry for the bad comments, but I'm just being honest. The ending especially made me angry... I took the time... (i regret it) to finish this terrible game... and all it said was "congrats! restart?" where the fuck are the kittens?? isn't that the point... to save them... but you don't even see one cat in this whole crappy game.
you don't deserve the score you have. BOO

BrianSexton responds:

Then you must not have played many games because Newgrounds has possibly several crappy me-too knock-offs and low-quality slide shows masquerading as games for every one game that has any reasonable amount of effort or originality behind it. You don't happen to like this one--fine--but I don't think you appreciate it for what it is: a short (if you have good mouse skills), but scratch-made holiday-themed shooting gallery mini-game with plenty of original effort behind it and a twist in gameplay compared to most (and possibly all) shooting gallery games--timed reinforcements. You may prefer the status quo then--stick figure shooting galleries and nudie quizzes, perhaps?

Of course there is a point: fight through your enemies while also fighting the clock. Yes, I have played through the game myself and I enjoyed having a different challenge from the usual kinds of shooting galleries.

Honesty is fine, but you might try combining it with fairness and delivering it via something resembling a decently-typed literate argument. As for the repetitiveness, you are wrong about the same things being on each level. Four of the five levels introduce at least one new enemy each while the fourth level still throws together a different mix of enemies than the other levels and also grants a power-up so you can cut through them more quickly).

There was a picture of a cat on the title screen and there are swat/scratch marks throughout the entire game when you are fighting. You seem to have wanted to see a picture of the kittens you saved at the end--okay, that is a fair criticism and I will take it into consideration if and when I work on an update or a sequel.


That's the word to sum this game up. Click things until they die, only to be replaced by even more...Things. I'm sorry, but that just isn't fun. Not only have you failed to accomplish the fun factor, the graphics consisted of badly drawn ghosts, skulls, bottles and pumpkins, and traced backgrounds.

Try adding a little more interactivity other than repeatedly clicking and this might have scored higher.

BrianSexton responds:

Okay, so you you don't seem to like the idea of playing against time (unfortunately, that seems to be a common opinion about this game), but badly drawn? The in-game characters and objects may not be masterpieces, but I wouldn't say they are "badly drawn". The apparition was a frame-by-frame experiment (every frame was drawn from scratch) while the jack-o-lanterns and the bottles have clean, crisp lines (reduced a bit depending upon the quality mode) with their own shading effects.

add more stuff

so whats the point of the game?just click till you win?wheres the "Game over" written in red?im sorry but this needs work,try adding something so that there is an end,and not just by levels,hmmm....
perhaps they start at one end and you need to kill them before they reach other end and you have 3 lives?just an idea,but this needs work badly,please,PLEASE,for all of us,make this better

BrianSexton responds:

The point is to save your kittens by fighting your way through five levels of enemy characters while they are being repeatedly reinforced, which means you have to do it quickly. There *IS* an end to the game with a game over screen after the fifth level. Welcome to reading; I hope it goes well for you.

i never liked it...

that was soo boring! next time actually try trying!!!!

BrianSexton responds:

Next time try making more sense and being constructive or at least specific about what you don't like. Try trying? What exactly is that supposed to mean?


it's boring, just clicking things, you don't know what the target is, stupid plot, the same music over and over again...

BrianSexton responds:

If you don't know what the purpose of the game is, you should try reading--the text that tells you about that "stupid plot" tells you what you need to do.

Of course it has the same music over and over again; it is just a short game that someone with decent shooting-game abilities may be able to finish within a couple minutes or so.