Reviews for "Monster Mash 2"


that was INSANE
but I agree with the earlier review -- some music would have been nice

Pretty decent!

I liked the game but I would recommend in the future having music go along with your games. It gets a bit annoying listening to that loud bang constantly and also I would recommend a warning telling that the flash has heavy graphics and give options to lower the quality of the grapics, at the level that I died at, I couldn't tell I was getting shot at because there were so many zombies on the field that it didnt show the flying guys shooting at me. Fun game though just a few tweaks should be made. (I would recommend the "Monster Mash" as the backround song =oD)

well, impressive.

yeah, that was really well done the mate. bit to easy at times. the blood on the screen effet was real cool too. i liked the drawing style, it made it extra more cartoony for some reason.
it'd b nice to see more or even a cartoon of some sort.
keep it up!

god damn it

the part with the helluva lot zombies pisses me off i keep dying on it

That was one kick ass game

Mass Violence