Reviews for "Monster Mash 2"

nice one

v good flash, best shoot-em-up ive eva seen on NG. good work

really cool

damn this is a great great flash game. very well animated bad dudes, i liked how the gun was sideways like that. not many games have it like that. very nice stuff. only flaw was when there were so many damn bad dudes that it lagged my screen... which was not that cool.


good it rocks your game rock the fucking world. the thing rock good i love this game nice wokr keep up the Great Work Man!


but im so sick of people making shooter games where you cant move, it just pisses me off, i mean y not just add a moving character that shoots,
youd make a much better game

Original but...

Graphics are cute, I must say :) I would prefer to lose just to hear that game over scream again!