Reviews for "Monster Mash 2"

Pretty Good

Not saying that im an expert game creator because im not but your game was pretty good made me want to play more than once try a bit harder next time on smoothing out the graphics and you just might nail it

awesome game

loved it, i wish more flash games would be in a first person perspective. my only complaint is that the cursor didn't cover the windows one. overall great game. I beat it BTW :) took me quite a few trys

Kind of laggy and hard.

I couldn't get up to the part when all those zombies were comin' after me. They killed me immediately. I got some of them though. Good Job.


Its ok...Kinda hard...make it last longa make a goal...

Good but...

Can't get past level 4 (The one in front of the mall)
I kill all the monsters, and after a while of nothing happening, the "Failed" screen appears.

And I have to load the whole game everytime I want to play it.