Reviews for "B: MC (Bugged Version)"

eh . . .

Come on, even flashes made with paint have a little "fin" at the end of 'em. What'd you go and leave it hangin' like that for? Other than the part where the parents whent silent movie style and that, it was a pretty funny movie. Great idea.

Fix the ending!

You need to fix that ending or baby jesus will cry! Don't let him cry!

Umm... cool?

Look, great idea and all, but as far as Halo Parodies go, this is pathetic. You really just needed to work on it more before you submited it. But scince this IS the bugged version, it was pretty good for what it was worth... the constant glitches got really anoying... but it's a great idea and im sure the final version will be great!

This sucked ASS!

This is by far the dumbest movie I've ever seen in my life. The Sound of Music was better than this piece of shit.

I envy your skills at making flashes.

Shame about the ending though (I have sympathy for your misfortune).
Great flash though! :)

Bob chief's voice could use some work though.