Reviews for "B: MC (Bugged Version)"

Hey,the light's on!

It sucked after he shot the "clay" pigeon.
Watch checkpoint...done instead.


Compared to half the shit you people support this toon is Gold!
The ending though incomplete was hilarious.

I really like it, maybe becouse I am a halo fan...

That was a real cool movie, just the bug with the sound was stupid. When I was watching the movie it sudenly stoped at the part were the elite punches of thr "Reach" plate that was hanging down from the roof, so I never finished watching the movie. But still I give it 5 points (becouse of the rocketlauncher^^) If you could fix it it would be cool

st00pid bug

theres a bug in the sounds
but the movie rocked so...... well just fix the bug
okay? and you guys out there *speaks to peeps wo havend watched da movie* go watch it k itz very funny really. i mean it... still reading my review i said go watch the movie :(


the ending is bugged

for those dumbasses(im allowed to say that right;)) there is no real ending cuze of the bug it stops earlier