Reviews for "[KgZ} Piano Collab "A minor""


and easy listening - like in a bar :)

nice one - i'm glad to use it xD

KgZ responds:

Thanks man :D

Nice, chillout music.

It does sound a tad muffled, but it gives it a warmer feel.
Perfect little short for the collab ;D Don't you dare say it's not that great!
It sounds lovely; a charming short piece :D
This could work for a scene at a quiet little restaurant, as credits for a cute, contemplative series. Agh. I love it =D
It starts out chill, and then rises a bit to keep going, and then at :20, builds again and then crashes softly. Excuse me for the lack of better words ^^'
But it would take me a while to get tired of it. <3

KgZ responds:

Hahahaha, thanks alot <3


I love the use of chord extensions and passing tones. It gives the tune a very lush feel to it. Not quite jazzy, but very beautiful. It almost reminds me of a song from one of the Miyazaki films for some reason. Like Howl's Moving Castle. The only part I don't like is the note at 26 seconds. It sounds quite sour to me, but that is probably personal preference. Nice dynamic subtleties and piano quality! Was this recorded? How much do you know about music theory?

KgZ responds:

hmm, the note at :26 is a B, which is part of the chord in that measure, E7 (E-G#-B-D). Anyways, yeah this was recorded using line-in/out on my yamaha keyboard. For a solo piano piece, midi piano doesn't usually offer the right dynamics or tone that you can get out of a piano, or a nice piano-sounding keyboard. I know a good amount of music theory by the way.

Thanks for listening man :D

That settles it.

You're in my favorite authors now.
I love this tiny clip of music for some reason I can't put my finger on.


This, my good sir, is EXACTLY the reason that you are on my favorite artists list. Hurrah for this valiant piece of amazing.