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Reviews for "FF:The New Empire Part 6"

In the world of the future....

Fanfics have been replaced by flash movies....


That just dawned on me, thought I should share. Good job anyways!

Tootbook responds:

WAVE OF THE FUTURE! lol thanks :P


It was an okay flash but I think it sucks considering two of the characters I used a lot are dead, Damn it why did Shadow have to die! It doesn't need any voices for the characters since in the game they only had text boxes anyways and it would just ruin the flashes anyways. I know I would dislike it if it had voices.

Tootbook responds:

Yeah I don't think I'm gonna use voices in future episodes. Thanks for the review

Good, but who are those people?

This was nice, but I found the dialog didn't really fit with the characters. Would locke the treasure hunter tell edward to 'do it', without even knowing what 'it' was, besides a great sacrifice for the people? Would Celes really suddenly become a maiden in distress and say "oh locke, you always know just what to say!"?

It's fine on technical merits, it's just the elements of plot which tend to suffer because of it.

Tootbook responds:

Well after the war she lost Cid her spirit was broken. She was always looking down on things never giving spirit to anything. Locke always looked out for her in the game as he does now.

Not too shabby.

Taking a creative spin on the story I see, not bad at all. I'm particularly fond of some of the battle-effects you used, as well as the sound-effects. Make sure to keep improving yourself and your flashes will gradually kick more and more ass with time.

Tootbook responds:

yes! ... will they? find out next time...on newgrounds DOT COM LOL

needs more violence

I like the fact that you used ff3 ,the best one ever made, but it lacked violence an ending and humor.

Tootbook responds:

Well this is a serious flash so i dont want to make it funny sorry dude :(.