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Reviews for "FF:The New Empire Part 6"


Let me explainw hy this is this is good.

1.The story is such a big part in this episode as you can tell and thats a big thing in this series.
2. The feeling and looks are like straight from a final fantasy game ,it looks like your playing the game.
3.The spells are perfect and are very eye catching.
4. The time you took in it is a big thing i score on and i can tell you took your time in this.

Great job! Good luck for your further installments.

Tootbook responds:

Thank you, we really appreciate the feedback. And yes this took some time to make, and it shows :)

You're hot,

I wish to bear yours and Canibus_Clock's children! I also wish to kill illwillpress for he is a penis!

Tootbook responds:

Yes illwillpress is a talentless hack!

dude wtf was that?

nah I'm kidding that was great,this should've deserved alot more.This was great I know ur making more so I cant wait till they come out

Tootbook responds:

lol, thanks for the positive feedback. I'm ALMOST done with part 3's redo..but sadly i cant submit the origenal parts of 1234 because i was an idiot and cannot find them..STUPID FLIPSIDED.COM!

Hmmm... KEWL! :D

Omg, I saw the first episode yesterday, (Yeah, I didn't see episode 2 to 5, I'm gonna try and find em as soon as possible though! :P) And you improved greatly!@_@ And cool work with the spells, they really look nearly exactly the same as in the game! ^^ Hope to see episode 7 early too! :P Keep up the cool work ^.^

Tootbook responds:

You wont see it for a while...unless you can hire someone who will help me make my flashes....lack of motivation is pissing me off lately, and I cant fucking stand it.


Wow this is so good I loved it and I barely know alot about ff but played a bit of it on super nintendo and boy did I suck at it! but yeah you got something special here dude! keep it up!
P.S plz reply!

Tootbook responds:

Thank you man this review means a lot to me...Its nice to know that people are still wanting me to continue with my flash even after this seemingly endless period of time...Sad to say I havent really even started with my next flash...wich isnt part 7. Part 7 probly wont be seen for some time to come. But i might get the erk.....to finish the whole series within the summer. Ah well we can dream right? Ah well thanks for the review man...