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Reviews for "FF:The New Empire Part 6"

Nice added twist to FF3!

What a great additional story to Final Fantasy 3. I have that game at home and beaten it too. It was hard but I managed to pull through with the long epic game. You and I shoulnt care about the reviews that sais this submission is boring, cause their soooo inpatent! I loved it!!

Tootbook responds:

thanks man :) i sadly havent beat ff3 but i might as well have...i just cant find my way through the last dungeon! XD


That was beautiful, I just loved the background-sounds and the animations were great! Great storyline too!

I hope you make more episodes soon! Keep it up!

Tootbook responds:

thanks, and i will be making more :).

intresting enough

you got one hell of an imagination. it wasnt a bad idea. i noticed though that if you wait long enough in a scene the music cuts out. thats not to important though.

Tootbook responds:


welcome back y'all

Great job again try harder the storyline is pretty good though

Tootbook responds:


You Rule

Ah, the nostalgia. Great job capturing the style of ff III (VI) remids me of the old days :). You are a relly skilled writer, and I enjoyed the exact music and scenes from the game, great job.

Tootbook responds:

Thank you tbrockly!