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Reviews for "FF:The New Empire Part 6"

Def the best of the series so far

The best of the series so far... the story is coming together more so... Umm its good but what happened to frog and cecil? Are you gonna follow up on them? Also what happened to sepheroth... maybe i am just jumping ahead of myself... also the movie overall is awsome and your animation keeps getting better well i cant wait tillthe next one is out..

Tootbook responds:

I'm actually going to follow up on them, but they are in different series. FFIV: A new evil will be my next series showing why the portals had shown up. Its going to be a great series i also have a little preview of it for you, ill give u it on aim :)


Nice fan fic flash. I love FF6 and consider it the best FF of all time FF7 is 2nd best, ha! I want to see the end of this story. DIE KEFKA!

Tootbook responds:


Only one complaint

The only thing that I can complain about is the sound. Now that that's over with it was a great looking movie with some humor and a great story! Keep up the good work...

...Or die...

Tootbook responds:

I'd rather not die so ill keep up the good work :)

Pretty Good Stuff

I love FF, and you either make it or you dont when people try to make a flash about them. You were definently one of the few who 'made it'. Good Job.

Tootbook responds:


nice one :)

hehe it was a good movie

Tootbook responds:

And your a good reviewer XD