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Reviews for "FF:The New Empire Part 6"

Not too shabby.

Taking a creative spin on the story I see, not bad at all. I'm particularly fond of some of the battle-effects you used, as well as the sound-effects. Make sure to keep improving yourself and your flashes will gradually kick more and more ass with time.

Tootbook responds:

yes! ... will they? find out next time...on newgrounds DOT COM LOL

You rock dude!

Whatsup tootbook its me (the dude who wanted to learn how to make flash). Your flashes keep getting better and better man, plz make the next 1 soon :) I love the new empire series.

P.S. I GOT FLASH FINALLY! Now I need your help with it.. lol I would help you in flash if I knew ANYTING about it... im just a n00b right now.

Tootbook responds:

lol...damn, alright well. IM me online on T00tB00k. And i'll try my best.

Really great.

I really love this series and i hope this isn't the end of it,the storyline is excellent and the sprite work is really good as well,excellent job you all and i hope part 7 comes out soon enough. =)

Tootbook responds:

part 7 is like halfway finished....lmao...i just re-started the series after i was halfway through it, so my movies could reflect the scores.

Not bad, not bad!

Not bad, not bad at all! I like how you remembered that characters in Chrono Trigger (in this case, Frog) can't have a max HP above 999, while the max HP of FF characters (FFX aside) can go up to 9999. Now, if only you remembered that characters in Chrono Trigger can't have a max MP above 99, lol. But seriously, good job. I look forward to seeing the rest. Also, what is the song that plays when Frog, Cecil, and Cyan are marching through the castle to the stadium (also the same song that plays when the Imp is explaining the rules)?

P.S. Try to work on the music so that you don't use files that actually end (and then play again, from the very beginning, but rather just plays seamlessly in a loop, like in the actual game itself. Try using game music files, that can be made using emulators (for example, SPC files for music from SNES games and PSF files for music from PSX games).

Tootbook responds:

well this seems more like you were reviewing new empire 2 ;) but i'll tell ya. The song is called Icecapped on ocremix dot com i would put .kom but it wont go trhough lol. Curses..forget about the mp...oh well cant get it all right!. lol thanks for the review man, and I hope to have part 4/7 out soon!


Keep up the good work tootbook. These ff new empire flashes get better every time. Your flashes pwn

Tootbook responds:

Thanks man, i pwn indeed. The next one will be out soonums! Thanks for making me your number one artist :p. :D!