Reviews for "NEW handheld console!!!"

You know

its sad to think there was a point of time where people would find that amazing

To new consoles be damned...

Very funny, this just shows how new concoles are just there to get your money...

ah, memories

funny thing is, commercials for the early game systems were really that cheezey.
i really liked it

The-EXP responds:

Jesus...you're an elite guard supreme commander? thats pretty cool... anyway, thanks for the good review, i'm glad that someone with your type of voting power likes tony's movie. thanks again

nice satyr

its cool to make fun of all the game brands out on the market

Not bad!

I liked it a bit but I think that the beginning was a little to slow/annoying. I wasn't able to finish it >_< Keep em coming though! Also a lot of the graphics were annoying...