Reviews for "NEW handheld console!!!"

Awesome flash

That was awesome, it had the perfect humor that this site needs every once in a while. While the graphics weren't perfect, and the sounds was not either, it was still hilarious. Good job, I hope to see more from you in the future!


and Now...

The even later latest! gamepocketstationDsadvancebox SP!!! only 3999.95 ! even more small print to ignore!.... good job man that was funny.

Funny idea but poorly executed

The best part of the flash was the spoof of the old game boy showing the pixels on the screen but after that the flash was rather slow. The bad graphics and sound at the end didn't help out the cause.


the jokes were lousy (some ok) the sound and graphics were crummy aswell. its an alright idea and if you took more time with it, it could have me laughing my head off


Why did this stay on Newgrounds and my submissions all got blammed? it's not fair!