Reviews for "NEW handheld console!!!"


Man that was funny, sounds like a commercial to me, and the expert was about as accurate as any.

Gotta love those commercials that say on the bottom "Not A Real Doctor" and then they give you that fake doctors opinion.

Good gaming action though, hate those damned flying jellyfish.


Funny as hell!!!

only needs improvment in the grapgics, but other then that, funny shit, the name alone makes the movie a B flash...ahh if only the people were drawn better... then this would be better then some of the things in the front page [maybe not currently, but in the past shit has been on it!]


Heh. That was pretty funny. I wish real games had characters like that. Voicover & idea were great, graphics OK - but it was the humour that made this stand out *Ignore smallprint* hehe. Good job.
I reviewed the game this morning, said it should have more colours. I retract that statement now I've seen this movie.

Very Funny

I really liked the idea for the whole flash it wasn't something that was the most original thing in the world because I have seen stuff similar ot this. What really impressed me was the great job with the dialogue who ever did the voice acting did a great job I really liked the pitch change and just nice job picking the dialogue. Graphics are probably the only thing that could really get improvement because they were pretty bad like the one kid with the backpack that looked ugly. But I did like the flash it made me laugh the pixelized characters was a very unique idea.

OVerall: Very Funny 8


very funny the pixelled charicters cracked me up!!!!!!