Reviews for "NEW handheld console!!!"


Man, its super funny! I saw it alot of times and its still funny!!

Man, I hope you make another one like this!

Too Slow

The Video could have been better buy it sure got the messege across. I can see that you were trying to be funny, but you can't just act funny you have to feel funny and show it in your voice. You're too slow and unenthusiastic.

Stick to making games.

You Love Cock,

Long Live the King


my brother had that same peice of crap system it was funny to play it cus it sucked

Its good but repetitive.

Its really well made and pretty funny, but when you said ignore small print there was no small print. Recommendaton: better graphics, better sound, better violence, and violence.

subliminal advertising!

subliminal(buy this console)advertising......