Reviews for "NEW handheld console!!!"

I feel like this could be a commercial for one of those fake 'videlectrix' games made by the brothers chaps (the creators of homestarrunner.com). The types of jokes are very much in line with theirs. This is high praise by the way. Awesome true dual color! Join shoeless mario as he takes on hordes of flying awesome evil jellyfish! That was great.

The flow is good, it's all well done (especially the fast talking for the fine print). Some of the jokes are a bit overdone though, like 2000 british pounds, eh. The gameboy was never that expensive, so what is that even parodying?

I Want to buy it! [Better Than Tetris!]
to the explain the cost :3
@?!#.95 Bucks :3

guy below

good film but the guy below me, it's the original gameboy not the game boy colour


thats good and all but instead of using the game boy color can you mkae your own system?nice 10/10 i would rate 13/10.


its damn funneh but sorry, it doesnt deserve a 10